New-laid eggs, of high quality, ideal for a healthy diet. This is the result of 49 years of hard work and Iliadis poultry is able to offer it to you thanks to its superior modern plant, to their specialized staff, to the ideal conditions of breeding and to the daily candling of the eggs in accordance with the strictest E.U. rules.

Our company has been activated in poultry since 1963 on the field of producing and distributing eggs. We had started off in the rural area of New magnesia in Ionia Thessaloniki and later on we moved to our newly-equipped plant in Pedino, Kilkis, in 1996.

Having originally started as a family business it was later turned into a company(1996).Mr Iliadis Panagiotis was the company’s founder and his successor is President and chief executive Mr Iliadis Fotis.We got under way having 300 hens and we have succeeded in breeding 120.000 hens today in a land of 30.000 sq.m. where premises are expanded in 8.575 sq.m. We still take great care of the proper breeding and feeding of our hens. Their health and their having good living conditions in a clean, comfortable enviroment deprived of noise and stress is of our greatest concern. We daily collect fresh new-laid eggs which are candled and classed in order of weight so as to be respectively packed.