Getting to know egg

EGGS-The Secret Of Life

The blessed brood of birds and the first human food. Eggs symbolize mother earth, the universe’s birth, rebirth and resurrection to the mythologies and religions of the peoples of the world. From goose, guinea fowl, duck, quail, ostrich (one egg, gives omelet for 10 people) and hen (who came from India through Burma after years of Pericles), eggs -as the turtle- is one of the first Cooking materials creation: both have …cooking utensil (The shell – or shell)!

One -prisoner- treasure

The egg is almost magical! Involved in countless dishes and preparations,but is emulsifying, binding, leavening.In traditional Greek cuisine is used in foods, sauces and desserts. It is a complete food which should be consumed in moderation so as not to burden thebody. It is important to buy fresh eggs from hens that feed on balanced rations. The freshness and proper cooking are important factors, especially in the case of child nutrition.

     Eggs  in  numbers

2 eggs ( almost 100 gr)
Calories 165
Proteins 13 γραμμ.
Carbohydrayes 0,9 γραμμ.
Fat 11,5 γραμμ.
Cholesterol 460 mgr
Folic acid 32 mgr
Calcium 54 mgr
Phosphorus 205 mgr
Iron 2,3 mgr
Sodium 11 mgr
Potassium 129 mgr


                                        EGGS – The Fragile Strenght

 Simple, valuable, fragile, one of the olbest and most nutritious foods, claims a leading position in the diet of all people, of all times and of all ages. Cooked quickly and easily,     is cheap and gives delicious result impressive tasty and healthy.

  • egg, a valuable food !!

  • egg, for a healthy diet !!

  • the ingredients are essential to our body, especially the children !!