9 reasons for eating eggs

They spent many years in …. ‘illegality’, accused of increasing cholesterol. Strikes again today as the new super trend of proper and healthy diet!

  1. They do not harm: Eating up to one egg a day, cholesterol levels remain unaffected, as revealed by a study published in the journal Metabolism. Why? They are low in saturated fats.
  2. Improves eyesight: Research of University Taft’s showed that the body absorbs more luteinizing from eggs than vegetables. The luteinizing hormone is a substance necessary to delay the problems of vision, which are due to old age. Also eggs are rich in lutein, an antioxidant that protects against macular degeneration. The body absorbs more from eggs than there is in other foods.
  3. They are rich in protein: Two eggs provide about 25% of the daily amount of protein that we need. The egg white contains more than the yolk.
  4. The yolk is considered multivitamin: It contains large amounts of vitamins A and D, folic acid and calcium.
  5. They have not many calories: Each egg contains only 75 calories
  6. They contain Omega 3: The most discussed fatty acids, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the heart and the nervous system, found in eggs and in fish. One egg provides as much omega 3 and 30 grams as salmon.
  7. They strengthen the brain: They are one of the most concentrated sources of choline, which is important for brain function.
  8. They have countless uses in the Kitchen and Pastries.
  9. They cooked quickly, easily and are affordable. Also they are delicious and have incomparable taste.