Quality and size of eggs

Eggs have various of qualities and sizes



  • Qualities as defined in the EU are as follows:

  Class ΑΑ΄ or ΄΄Fresh Eggs΄΄ Class  Α΄or ΄΄Second Quality”
Shell (pod) and membrane
  • Normally, clean, undamaged
  • Normally, undamaged
  • height not exceeding 6 mm, unmoving
  • height not exceeding 9 mm
Egg white
  • clean, limpid, gelatinous composition, free from any kind of foreign bodies
  • clean, limpid, free from any kind of foreign bodies
  • visible on candling as a shadow only, without clearly seen the perimeter, without departing substantially from the center of the egg on rotation, and free of any kind of foreign bodies
  • visible on candling as a shadow only.This is not required for eggs that preserved in amiant,free of any kind of bodies
  • slight growth
  • slight growth
  • free of foreign odors
  • free of foreign odors
Class Β΄: These eggs are of low quality and not sold, but used in the food industry

The egg retains fully rich ingredients and freshness for 28 days from the day of production. Standardization rules of the European Union require every package of eggs following data:

-Category A or fresh eggs -Number of eggs in the package -Egg weight -By date -Number of the center of candling which checked the eggs -Name of packing center/ Address / Phone -Advice for keeping refrigerated after purchase.

  • The classification of eggs according to their weight is: