Eggs in cuisine

A unique delicacy for the whole family, a beloved snack, a tasty fast food easily combined with anything eatable. Let us start with a simple frittata,fried eggs, poshe eggs, salads with vegetables, meat and whatever wants … everyone’s imagination!!

Eggs possess a noticable place in patisserie: meringues, cakes, ice cream and cookies can not be made without the valuable contribution of the egg.

Uses in the cuisine

Eggs are the basic ingredient for cooking. They are not only the main ingredient in numerous receipes, but they are also the main substance in a lot of various cooking methods:

  • To incorporate air by adding egg’s white to sauses, soups or yeast.
  • To thicken sauses, soups and yeasts by adding yolk.
  • To emulsification, to create emulsion is needed lecithin, which is contained in the yolk.
  • To make your soup creamy and glossy. Whip some eggs and add them in your hot soup. Any molecule that causes blurring are sticked in egg’s white, which then remove it with a slotted spoon.

Eggs offer numerous possibilities to make you succes in your every try in making a delicious food. They can equally be the reason for a succesful menu of a sophisticated starter, a delicious main dish or a light desert.