Scrambled eggs with siglino, feta, green pepper and rusks

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Ingredients for 4 people


1) 3 large ripe tomatoes

2)  5-6 eggs

3) 150 gr. siglino (smoked pork from Peloponnisos)

4) 1 red pepper

5) 80 gr feta 

6) 80 ml olive oil

7) 5-6 barley rusks

8) salt and pepper

How to do:

1) Remove the peel from the tomatoes and cut them into small pieces, removing many seeds. In a wide pan sauté with olive oil siglino,cut into pieces, for 1 minute, add the pepper and continue sautéing for a few seconds.

2) Add the tomatoes and let them cook for 4-5 minutes on liquids, stirring with a ladle occasionally.

3) Then add the beaten eggs into the pan with the remaining ingredients and continue cooking over low heat for a few minutes (until cooked egg).

4) Add salt and pepper, remove from heat and rub the feta. Stir and serve adding to each dish, on the barley bread broken into small pieces.

Little Secret:

The trick to easily pull the peel from the tomatoes is to carefully take in water, boil for 10 seconds and then immediately put them in ice water. The skin will now come out with a move.