Decorating easter eggs 2!

With stickers 

Glue stickers (metal work best) on the boiled eggs. Put eggs in the dye and when they dry, remove the stickers.


Eggs with neon

With vinegar and neon colors confectionery, you can achieve the most fashionable eggs. Dip the side of the egg that you want to get the color, to dye . If you wish gradations of the same color, start by placing the egg in a while, to achieve the lighter tone. Take off the egg, put it back in the dye but not as deep as before and leave it for longer this time. Take it off again, continue again with less coverage surface and leave it again for a longer time, until it dyed thoroughly. It usually takes 10-15 minutes to acquired the egg more vivid, intense color.


Eggs… marble

In a bowl full of water pour a few drops of your old-brightly-colored nail polish. With a chopstick mix the water with colors. Slowly dip the boiled egg in water until it completely covered. When it covered pull it out quickly. Leave the egg aside to dry. Among the dippings of eggs do not forget to stir well the water. Repeat the dipping of each egg for 3-4 times to go plenty of color everywhere.


With margarine 

Another easy technique is to add hot water in the dye and melted margarine for a strange and somewhat psychedelic effect, but very impressive.