Decorating easter eggs!

This Easter make the difference and give a different “touch” to your Easter eggs! Get some ideas, letting your imagination free and have fun with your handmade creations. Flowers, threads, strips and even an old tie, everything can be used to make your eggs perfect. Do not be afraid to experiment!

With threads

Put the eggs in warm water and let them boil. Then let them to dry, stick them with glue in liquid form and attach a thin layer of cotton. Cotton is helping the thread not to slip. After sticking cotton, start putting the threads one by one, as you can see in the photo and when you reach the end make a knot and glue it!


With leaves

Another simple technique, for which you will need an old pantyhose or tulle, some rubber bands and many leaves in various designs, apart from egg dye. Place the leaf in boiled egg and put it in a pantyhose or tulle, tightening well with rubber, in order not to leave its place. You dive the egg (with pantyhose) in a glass with paint and leave it for 3-4 minutes. Then, remove it from the pantyhose and remove the leaf and you’ll see a beautiful print.


With sprinkles (like truffles)

After you boil eggs, wear gloves, spread all over the egg with a liquid glue for handicrafts varnish (you’ll find it in bookstores) and dip it in a bowl with tiny sequins or sprinkles pastry or even glitter, for more glamorous effect.


With stripes

This year the stripes are in fashion. Why not in the Easter eggs? What will you do? Will simply wrap boiled eggs with some rubber bands (e.g. from the supermarket) before you dive them into the normal dyes and then remove the rubber bands.


Polka… eggs

Put a bit of paint of different colors on a plastic plate. Use paints for decoration. Dip slightly the eraser of a pencil and put dots to eggs.  If you do not have a lot of pencils with eraser in the back to change the color, just wipe the eraser from the previous color. If you do not have pencil, use cotton tips (ear swabs).


With silky tie

Cut the silky ties in pieces of such size that they can wrap the egg. Wrapped each egg with a piece of tie, in order the good side (with the designs) is inward (ie on the shell). Then wrap each egg with a piece of thin white cloth and strap on with string or wire. Put the eggs in the pot and fill it with water until they are covered. Add ¼ cup of vinegar and boil for 20 minutes.