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Surf our company’s pages, learn about our products, our history, our company’s launch back in 1963 and our development. We remain a family business and we are so proud of it.

 Learn anything related to the egg, where it came from, its historical development, how to use it and its nutritional value. Discover the hidden treasure in it, love it and appreciate it. It has innumerable uses in cooking and in confectionery and it is perhaps their basic ingredient.

Its nutritional value is great and undisputable.

 Think that one and only one egg has the nutritional value of two (2) entire liters of milk (!!!) or one and half times its weight in meat (100 gr.). If you compare the difference in quantity in the first case, as well as the cost in the second, you will discover another dimension of its value, the economic one. Beyond that, it contains animal origin proteins, of a very high quality and biological value, more complete than those of milk, more nutritional than those of meat or fish and more easily digested by the human body. It is rich in vitamins (A, D, E) and trace elements (iron and zinc). The energy value of one medium egg (60 g) is about 90 Kcal.

 Our company produces fresh eggs with standard quality with special care, distinctive flavor and high nutritional value. Our attention lies in the good welfare of the hens, and their proper feeding with fine quality vegetable raw materials.

Our company’s certification with ISO 9001:2015, the tests in all stages of the production process, the consistent monitoring and attention, but above all the love and passion for what we do, are guarantees of quality.

We remain firm on the production of the traditional normal egg. We did not enter in the paths of dubious production processes, of eggs with different names.

 Because a website is not suitable only for the promotion of the products or the profile of the company that produces them, but we have to highlight globally whatever is related to the egg, in the unit Getting to know the egg we make a special mention to the Folklore, the Customs and Traditions, the Folk Tradition, where the egg holds a dominant position in every region of our country.


We are proud of following this path !!!!!

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