Egg traceability

Complied with the European standards considering safety of food, our company has stamped their products. Each and every egg bears a code printed with vegetative ink so that the descend of the farm as well as the area of production is secured to be easily recognised. Full tracing is a quality quarantee for our company which also applies with quality systems HACCP & BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

That is why you can be sure of what you consume. By using this, obligatory by the European Union, code we can immediately find out any information concerning where, by whom and in which way any specific egg was produced! This is the way quality is secured! It is for your own safety… that not only a stamp but also a quarantee is daily given for each and every egg that comes into your house!

We have already mention that we use vegetative ink – an absolutely safe material which does not penetrate the shell. The code includes:

  • A number that indentifies with feeding method (0=biological production, 1=unconfined pasture, 2=barn, 3=enriched cages).
  • An ISO code that identifies the country-member in which the production unit resides (EL).
  • A number given in each plant  by the local authorities: Prefecture code & producer’s code.
  • The chamber’s code. 

Just an example of traced Iliadis egg for you to read easily: