Organic fertilizer “BIOLIP”

BIOLIP with moisture 35%

A 100% natural organic fertilizer from chicken manure digested without any admixture of soil and chemical elements.

The natural manure influenza, after working in the Japanese system HOSOYA (aerobic fermentation at constant temperature 70 ° C) at our premises in lowland koiinotita Kilkis exempt from pathogens, weed seeds and unpleasant odors and offers you the perfect solution for soils always rich in nutrients and organic matter.

It is a product suitable for large plants cultivated for vineyards, vegetables, trees, gardens, glastrres, shrubs and flowers.

It is suitable for all Greek soils are poor in organic matter – a soil is adequately stocked when it contains 2 to 3% organic matter, When it comes to greenhouse soil 5 to 8% organic matter – is immediately understood that the organic fertilizer is BIOLIP necessary for the Greek farmer.

BIOLIP with moisture 12%


  • improve the physicochemical and biological properties of the soil.
  •  improving soil texture, ie make porous.
  • the consistency of the soil (very sandy).
  • increasing ydatoikanotitas and allow air to penetrate the soil diluting the grains together.

Final product “BIOLIP”

Organic substance 65-70% Zinc (Zn) 0,05%
Total nitrogen (Ν) 2,5-3% Manganese(Mn) 0,05%
Phosphorus  (Ρ2O25)    5-6% Iron (Fe) 0,16%
Potassium (Κ2Ο) 2,5-3,5% Copper (Cu) 0,01%

Apart from the above, it also contains the Parks essential macroelements & microelements:

φωτό 1Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), sulfur (S), North (B), molybdenum (Mo), chlorine (Cb), Fluorine (F), Vromeio (Bz), Iodine (I), cobalt (Co), selenium (Se)

Instructions for use

  • Potted plants: 10% of the content of the pot
  • Fruit, grapevine: 300 lbs / acre
  • Horticulture, floriculture, strawberries: 350 lbs / acre
  • Transforming soil: 10 to 15 kg / m
  • For vegetables and plants long cultivated (wheat, maize, cotton): 100 to 350 kg / ha
  • A good mix with the soil and plenty of watering